Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Help me Help me Help me. I need your help with building myself a clientele. So, if you are interested in getting your hair cut, colored, massaged or shampooed, or maybe you would like a mani, pedi, or some waxing, please come and see me at Paul Mitchell the School Spokane. I especially need a clipper cut by the end of the month. Tell all of your friends. You can get a great service at a very reasonable price. Just make sure you have plenty of time. The hours are Tuesday thru Friday 1pm-3pm and Saturday from 9:30am-3pm. Make an appointment and request Justine at 509-924-7454.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Here are some pictures of our beautiful daughter. Here she is wearing daddy's NC hat, and below she is smiling away.
This week I started school at Paul Mitchell. I have to go to the day school because they have not gotten enough people for the night school. I was tired of waiting, so I decided to attend the day school until they get the night school started and then transfer over. The reason I did not want to go to the day school is I didn't want to have to have everyone babysitting her, plus I just miss her so darn much! Despite the inconvenience of it all, school is going ok. I have a

little bit of catching up to do, but I think that I will get it down soon enough. I'm just happy to be completing my hours. My feet aren't used to all the standing, and my legs complain a lot, but I'm sure I will get use to it in time. Phoebe is growing up so fast as you can see in the pictures. We have been trying and trying to get some professional pictures taken but our schedules have been so busy and we hope to get them done by next week. Phoebe can now roll over from her stomach to her back and she is starting to laugh. I think that it's one of the most precious sounds I have heard! She is a very easy and happy baby. She had been starting to sleep through the night until recently, and I think it's because of the changed to routine. It's a little harder now to get up with her during the night because we are both pretty beat by the time we get home. I think that women who work and mother are really putting a lot on their plates, and if they are able to do both, then more power to them. I don't think I'm cut out for it! It's really difficult for me just to be away from her, so there is emotional stress, and the added physical stress from wearing yourself down all day, makes it hard for me to calm down and relax enough to enjoy the company of my baby. I try however to keep an upbeat attitude, and look at the big picture and remember that six months is only a blip of time and it will all be over soon enough.