Monday, April 19, 2010

Medical Problems

I am still having some of that stomach pain sometimes and I have an appt at the end of the month to get more stuff checked out. I will let you all know as soon as I do.

Travel Pictures

I went to SLC and NYC recently but I haven't had a chance to get the pics on the computer yet. They will be on soon! :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

On Saturday I was at U High for the solo/ensemble competition playing the piano for some of the competitors. I had been pretty sick all morning. I decided that I would go lay down in my car between the performances. My conditions worsened and I was hit with some severe stomach pain. I called Mack and he brought me to the hospital where I spent the next 4 hours in the ER hooked up to an IV. Having morphine pumped into me was not the most pleasant feeling.

Then this morning I had to go back to the hospital so that they could run more tests. So far, I do not have ovarian cysts, bladder infection, or kidney stones. This morning's test was for my gall bladder. It sucked.

I'm really just tired of everyone guessing about what is going on and wish that I wouldn't have to keep taking these tests. I will let everyone know once I find out what's going on.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Weigh in was okay this week. I lost 1 lb, but that's better than gaining anything. I probably would have lost more if I hadn't eaten that payday bar and rice crispy treat and handful of M&Ms last night.

So not only am I having issues with not liking how much I weigh, I have also recently noticed I am starting to get some fine lines around my eyes. So I am really trying to get my skin to look more youthful. I bought this moisturizer by Aveeno called Positively Ageless and it has SPF 30 in it. I love it so much. It is really silky and not sticky and thick like I thought it might be. And it smells really great! I was also thinking that if I used a daily moisturizer with sunscreen in it, it will protect my skin from aging further. However, I really just need to get over it. Aging is just a part of life and it is inevitable that wrinkles, drooping, and dark circles will appear.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Thanks for reading my blog ;)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

weigh in

Yesterday was my fifth or fourth week (I'm not sure) at weight watchers. I weighed in and I have lost a total of 11.6 lbs. I have reached my first goal of 5% body weight lost, and also my first personal goal of losing 10 lbs. For losing the first 10 lbs I rewarded my self accordingly with a non-food reward. I am excited to keep achieving my goals.

This past week I went over to Seattle to visit family, and also to take my practical exam for my Cosmetology license. I found out two days after taking the test that I passed with an 85%. I was really worried that I wasn't going to pass, because everyone inside my exam room was doing the exact same thing and I was doing everything completely different. I think that they were all from the same school. It seemed like some of them knew each other. Regardless, all of the worrying was for nothing because I passed. Now I'm just waiting to get my professional license in the mail. I can't wait to get everything organized and squared away and be done with jumping through hoops while I'm in limbo.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

counting my blessings

I went to seattle the last couple of days to take my practical exam to get my cosmetology license. We stayed at my uncle and aunts house. The test was pretty nerveracking for everyone. I am really worried that I may have done something wrong, because everyone around me was doing something differently than what I was trained to do. All I know is that I did the best that I could. I will know next week hopefully, whether I passed or not.

I arrived at the testing center 45 minutes early, as I was instructed to. I was worried that I would get lost and not make it on time. The building was a little difficult to find because it was in an industrious part of town and was hidden behind other buildings. Thankfully, everything worked out fine, and I was able to find the place.

I noticed that during this experience I was blessed in so many little ways. I woke up at 5:28am, two minutes before my alarm was suppose to go off. I'm so happy that I did for a couple a reasons. Reason one being that I was able to turn it off so it wouldn't waken up Phoebe. Reason two is I was worried that I would be in such a deep sleep that I wouldn't hear the alarm.

I can't wait to find out. I will keep everyone posted!