Monday, December 28, 2009

Just another monday

So over the holiday it was a bit hard for me. I went to my meeting this morning and I had gain .2 lb. Ok so it's not really all that much but I was hoping to at least maintain. The women who weighed me said that I did really excellent considering the holiday and everything and told me that .2 lb is like a glass of water. I guess if I took off all my clothes I would have weighed less, but that kinda feels like cheating. And I don't think that the people there would really appreciate it all that much.

Anyways, I have been trying some new recipes as you know, and tonight I'm going to try a chicken burrito recipe that I'm pretty excited about. I made a breakfast burrito recipe that had WAY too much cilantro. I also am excited to try flank steak with a corn avocado salad, except I probably won't be using as much lime as it calls for (the bok choy disaster is still haunting me.)

So I plan to do a lot better this week and get moving more. I went to the gym once last week. My goal is to go 3 times this week.

Lots of encouragement is needed! So please post a comment and help me on my way to a better healthier me!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Ok so I made a couple of the weight watchers recipes. Needless to say the one that called for the bok choy was disgusting. It was a kind of asian salad and the dressing had way to much lime in it. We did make some moo shu pork wraps and they were super good. Here is the recipe:

4 Tbs reduced sodium soy sauce
1 Tbs cornstarch
1/2 lb pork tenderloin cut into thin 1 inch strips
3 large egg whites, lightly beaten
2 garlic cloves
1 Tbs minced peeled fresh ginger
5 c shredded Napa cabbage
1 c sliced white mushrooms
5 scallions, sliced
1 tsp Asian (dark) sesame oil
4 whole wheat tortillas, warmed

1. Whisk 2 Tbs of soy sauce and cornstarch in small bowl until blended; add pork and toss to coat.
2. Spray large deep nonstick skillet or wok with nonstick spray and set over medium heat until a drop of water sizzles on it. Add egg whites and stir fry until firm, about 2 minutes. Transfer to plate.
3. Spray same pan with nonstick spray and increase heat to medium-high. Add pork; stir-fry until no longer pink about 2 mins. Add garlic and ginger; stir-fry 1 min. Add cabbage, mushrooms, and scallions; stir fry until cabbage starts to wilt, about 3 minutes. Add egg, remaining 2 Tbs of soy sauce, and oil and stir fry until heated through, about 1 min.
4. Spoon about 1 c of pork mixture onto each tortilla and roll up to enclose filling.

4 Servings

Per serving: 219 cal, 5g fat, 1g sat fat, 0g trans fat, 24mg chol, 849mg sod, 26g carb, 5g fiber, 20g prot, 125mg calc.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What is bok choy?

This week has been very busy so far. I started weight watchers this week, and I'm actually attending the meetings. So on Monday, I went to the meeting and got all of the materials I needed, including some recepie books. So I was looking at the recepie books and there are some interesting foods that they want you to cook with. So I was at the grocery store and I was wandering around the produce section, looking for a certain vegetable called bok choy. I could not find this thing anywhere. I went up to the man who was stacking vegetables, and asked if they had any bok choy. He kindly pointed it out, and gave me a funny look, because it happened to be directly in front of me. I didn't know what bok choy looks like! Other items on the list included shallots and scallions. I didn't know what either were (I still don't know what scallions are) and luckily I happen to stumble upon the shallots. And, after all that I forgot to get soy sauce. Anyways, I am interested to see how these recipes turn out.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Life has been going ok for us so far. We are struggling a little bit, but only emotionally for the concerns we have for many of our family members. Every day I feel so blessed to have good people surrounding me and supporting me in the tinest things- like Christmas shopping for four hours (thanks mom), just so that I may have a little comfort.

I feel like I lack a little of the Christmas spirit this season, and I can't quite put my finger on why that is. Last year I was very excited for Christmas to come. I think that I am really a little upset that there is no snow so it doesn't really feel like Christmas yet.

Phoebe is doing really great. She is very healthy. She is in the 10 % for her weight and the 50 % for her height. Despite her small frame, she is very energetic and happy. Here is a picture of her playing in the bath.

She loves the bath and the shower. She tries to reach out and grab the water when she is in the shower. She likes to run away when you try to put on a diaper or clothes on her, and then she looks back to see if you will chase her. She can clap her hands and recognizes the sound of an applause. She is working on giving high fives and I think that I will try to teach her how to wave next. She is just now learning how to snuggle with us. She is starting to understand the word no and a sterner tonality of voice. Avery and Phoebe often feed off of each other. One laughs and the other laughs. It's funny to watch them together.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pain in the Neck

So I went to the Dr to get my ears checked out to make sure that I could still hear ok, and the Dr tells me that I have bumps in my throat. He then proceeds to tell me that it's my thyroid gland that is swollen. I have to get an ultrasound on Monday to determine whether there is anything abnormal happening.

I have been looking on the internet about thyroid...and it's probably just adding to my paranoia... and I have several of the symptoms, but what worries me the most is that I will have an abnormaly in my throat other then the thyroid. I'm always thinking about the worst case scenerio. I guess if worst comes to worst I will have thyroid cancer and I will die. Ok that is pretty bad. But if best comes to best...I will just have low thyroid and have to take a pill every day. It worries me that I have problems with it already because it's not commenly found in people my age according to the research. It's mostly found in people older then 30 or 40 years old.

So the swelling in my neck is big enough that it's like I have a little friend sticking out. With the help of a friend at school we have decided to call my lumps Fred. Fred hurts a little, now that I'm more aware of him, but I probably wouldn't have thought twice before we found him. It just looks so I need something that makes my neck look fat...ha! Well hopefully it will all be resolved soon!

Monday, August 24, 2009


So I guess that Phoebe did a little army crawl thing. I was gone so I didn't see it; but Mack said that she did it for like an hour, he called me all excited and told me exactly how she was doing it. I can't believe how much she is growing up. It's going by so fast.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


So I'm not crazy. I really just like the show Friends. So anyways at school on Saturday I kept saying "Have you seen that Friends episode when...." and they would laugh after I told them. So everyone else thinks it's really funny too. OK so you don't have to agree with me. But, I will always keep watching it...just like I am now!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So I have to make a mentorship portfolio for school, on somebody who is in the beauty industry. The requirements include writing a two to three page paper, clippings of articles, pictures, etc. I have no idea who to do it on so some suggestions would be awesome.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

So Sorry

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while I have been super busy with school. School is going really well, I am enjoying learning so much and I'm so excited to get out on my own and start making the world beautiful!
The family is doing really great. Phoebe is growing up so fast! I'm so unhappy that I can't be with her all the time because I feel like I'm missing out on her growing up, but I know it's important for me to finish my education. She is almost beginning to crawl, she just has to lift her belly off the ground! She smiles so much, I'm telling you there is not a happy baby in the world than our daughter. She smiles when she bathes, she smiles when she is playing, she smiles when she sits on your lap, she smiles when she is about to sleep, and I'm pretty sure that she smiles when she pottys.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Help me Help me Help me. I need your help with building myself a clientele. So, if you are interested in getting your hair cut, colored, massaged or shampooed, or maybe you would like a mani, pedi, or some waxing, please come and see me at Paul Mitchell the School Spokane. I especially need a clipper cut by the end of the month. Tell all of your friends. You can get a great service at a very reasonable price. Just make sure you have plenty of time. The hours are Tuesday thru Friday 1pm-3pm and Saturday from 9:30am-3pm. Make an appointment and request Justine at 509-924-7454.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Here are some pictures of our beautiful daughter. Here she is wearing daddy's NC hat, and below she is smiling away.
This week I started school at Paul Mitchell. I have to go to the day school because they have not gotten enough people for the night school. I was tired of waiting, so I decided to attend the day school until they get the night school started and then transfer over. The reason I did not want to go to the day school is I didn't want to have to have everyone babysitting her, plus I just miss her so darn much! Despite the inconvenience of it all, school is going ok. I have a

little bit of catching up to do, but I think that I will get it down soon enough. I'm just happy to be completing my hours. My feet aren't used to all the standing, and my legs complain a lot, but I'm sure I will get use to it in time. Phoebe is growing up so fast as you can see in the pictures. We have been trying and trying to get some professional pictures taken but our schedules have been so busy and we hope to get them done by next week. Phoebe can now roll over from her stomach to her back and she is starting to laugh. I think that it's one of the most precious sounds I have heard! She is a very easy and happy baby. She had been starting to sleep through the night until recently, and I think it's because of the changed to routine. It's a little harder now to get up with her during the night because we are both pretty beat by the time we get home. I think that women who work and mother are really putting a lot on their plates, and if they are able to do both, then more power to them. I don't think I'm cut out for it! It's really difficult for me just to be away from her, so there is emotional stress, and the added physical stress from wearing yourself down all day, makes it hard for me to calm down and relax enough to enjoy the company of my baby. I try however to keep an upbeat attitude, and look at the big picture and remember that six months is only a blip of time and it will all be over soon enough.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Before and after.....

I don't like having my picture taken because I'm not so photogenic but here are the best pics I could find....

I look like a chunk!

Here is the after....maybe you will see all of me when I lose the next 15lbs....we'll see.

Weigh In 8

Previous weight: 180.4
Current weight: 175.8
Total weight loss this week: 4.6
Total weight loss: 22.4

So I made my goal and I'm really proud of myself. I will continue to blog my weight each week because I still want to lose 15 more lbs. I have not yet decided what sort of goal I would like to make for myself, so if anyone has suggestions they are very much appreciated. I expect it to be a little bit easier because I will be attending school, and I think that I will be going during the day instead of night school like I had planned. For those of you who don't know I will be going to Paul Mitchell by the end of next month for sure. I think it will be easier for me to lose weight because I won't be sitting at home all day with all the food just waiting for me to munch on. I'm really excited to start, and also excited and hopeful for more weight loss. Even clothes that I bought three weeks ago are starting to go loose. So as a reward for making my goal, I have been shopping for new clothes. Most of my old jeans fit me okay, but my summer wardrobe is very sorry looking, and I don't have very many pants for school, with the all black dress code.

I think what helped me with the weight loss the most this week is that time of the month was over so I wasn't retaining nearly as much water, and also I have been eating fat free microwave popcorn, and pudding! Yum, yum! Helps a ton when I need a serious chocolate fix! Again if anyone has suggestions or encouragement to help me I would like some. I will try to post some before and after pictures if I can find any befores!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Here is a small update of what is going on in our home. Mack is working hard as usual. We have decided to get cable, and I have been enjoying that a lot. My favorite channels are TLC and ABC family. Mack likes the Discovery channel and Disney XD because he likes to watch the old X Men cartoons. We have enjoyed it a lot, and it really beats the two channels we would have gotten after the June 12 digital switch.

Phoebe is growing up so much! I can't believe how big she is getting. Yesterday she started drooling a lot, and her sleeping and eating have become much more erratic so I thought she was starting to teeth, but now I think that she is just going through a growth spurt.

I am redoing the kitchen. Currently it is the ugliest mauve pink I have ever seen. The cabinets are painted on the inside with this color...all I keep thinking to myself is "who does that?" The window above the sink is unfinished so I will finish that up and paint it. We also will be tiling the floor. It was actually cheaper than buying vinyl. I actually think that it will look nicer too. I also am going to replace the counter top. I will post some before and after pictures when it is all done. I hope it turns out nicely.

Weigh In 7

Previous weight: 181.4
Current weight: 180.4
Total weight loss this week: 1.0
Total weight loss: 17.8

So I was really surprised that I lost any weight at all this week because I had my birthday so I kinda ate whatever I wanted and I didn't have time to work out because my beautiful daughter has decided that she likes to be awake at night again. She was sleeping through the night for about two weeks and now all of the sudden I'm up three times a night with her. I don't really like taking her to the gym, but I know that it's important for me to make the effort to go. Well, I have one week to go and 2.2 lbs. I hope I can make it I'm so close. I will have to be super good!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Weigh In 6

Previous Weight: 183.2
Current Weight: 181.4
Total weight loss this week: 1.8
Total weight loss: 16.8

Just 3.2 lbs to go and two weeks. I'm scared that I'm going to reach a plateau so I had a friend make a suggestion. She said to eat all fruits and vegetables for a week, and it's suppose to jump start your system and signal it to lose weight. I don't think that I can do it for a whole week. I would crave meat and definitely crave the carbs. So I'm going to try it for three days, and if that goes well then I will keep going with it. I just have to go to the grocery store to get more veggies. Ick. I hate the grocery store! But this is something I have to do!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Phoebe Is Growing!

Phoebe is growing and growing. She has grown out of a lot of her newborn clothes, but she doesn't fit into the 3 months clothes very well yet. She is very in between sizes. She is smiling a lot more. Everyone keeps commenting on her eyelashes. She gets those from her dad!

We had an interesting night last night. She didn't take a nap in the afternoon so she slept from six pm to four am and was awake until about four forty five but I couldn't fall back asleep until five thirty. It's so weird. I hate getting up at four in the morning. I wonder how old she will be when she starts to sleep through the night the way that I like to sleep through the night or if it will ever happen. Here are some pictures!

Weigh In 5

Ok so another week goes by and here it is:

Previous weight: 185.6
Current weight: 183.2
Total weight loss this week: 2.4
Total weight loss: 15.0

So I have three weeks left and 5lbs to go. I am pretty confident that I will make it to my goal. I have been constantly losing, and I haven't reached a plateau yet. I hope that I don't soon. I feel like I have been working hard to lose this weight and as soon as I lose these next 5lbs my clothes will fit a LOT better. I still have a pair of my small jeans tucked away in the drawer that I hope to put on some day soon, but I will have to lose at least another 20lbs before I can do that! I'm going to try! We'll see what happens. Hopefully I can get into them this summer.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weigh In 4

Okay so I've made it to week four which means I'm halfway through for my goal. Here are this weeks results:

Previous weight: 187.8
Current weight: 185.6
Total weight loss this week: 2.2
Total weight loss: 12.6

I knew this week wasn't going to be as great as last week because of Mack's birthday and other stuff, so I'm just happy I lost anything at all. This next week should have better results. A few more pounds and more of my clothes will start fitting! Bah!

So Phoebe had her two month appointment and she did really good. She now weighs 10.1 and is 23 inches long. She is in the 50 percentile for her weight and the 75 percentile for her height. I think she is going to be pretty tall. She had her first set of shots done as well. I had to leave the room because I couldn't bear to watch it, but I heard her scream anyways. I felt so bad for her because the rest of the day, if she wasn't sleeping, she was crying because she was so uncomfortable. I felt so helpless! It sucks knowing something is wrong and being able to do very little to help! On the positive side, she didn't run a fever and she was pretty normal the next day.

Cousin Avery loves to play with Phoebe. She wants to crawl in her carseat with her. She was poking her head in there and accidentally head butted Phoebe, who started to cry. It was kinda funny. When we were at the gym I covered Phoebe's carseat with my sweatshirt so she could sleep and Avery kept lifting it up, I think it was to make sure the baby was still in there. It will be interesting to see how they will react next year with each other as they get older.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Weigh In 3

Okay its Friday again so time to weight in! Here are this weeks results..... (drumroll)

Previous weight: 192.6
Current weight: 187.8
Weight loss this week: 4.8
Total weight loss: 10.4

So I'm a lot happier with the results this week and I hope that I can keep it up. I'm ahead of my goal right now but that could change next week. I really hope that it doesn't though!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Phoebe started to are some pictures I tried to get! Enjoy!

Weigh In 2

Previous weight: 195.4
Current weight: 192.6
Total weight lost this week: 2.8 (again)
Total weight lost: 5.6

So I am declining slowly. I tried harder this week, but it didn't seem to help much. I was disappointed that I didn't lose more because I was feeling really proud about how good I was. I figured that I would have to lose at least 2.5 lbs a week to meet my goal. I am on track so far, so I will keep it up and hope that it continues.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weigh In!

Ok so it's been one week since I started my diet and here are the results:

Previous weight: 198.2
Current weight: 195.4
Total weight loss: 2.8

Ok so that's like hardly any weight at all so I have decided that I need to add more green vegetables. Here are some of the green veggies that I like: green beans, asparagus, spinach, lettuce, and zucchini. I don't like peas. If anyone has suggestions of other green veggies or good healthy recipes that include green veggies please share!

I also am going to replace skinny cows with fat free chocolate pudding.

Hopefully all this helps! If anyone has post-pregnancy weight loss tips I would appreciate it!

Thank you All!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Okay so it's 1:30 am and I can't sleep because I'm worried sick about my daughter. She has been sick the last couple of days and she is not eating well. She is sleeping ok, but not great. I think that she is having a hard time calming down because she is in pain. I know I might be freaking out, but I can't really tell because Phoebe is my first baby and I really don't know what to expect. I feel so badly for her. I just want her to be better and healthy. She is not running a fever or wheezing yet and I'm monitoring her closely and I'm taking her temp like once a day. I know I'm a freak.

Anyways...I decided to blog about my cravings to stop being overly worried about Pheebs, and also to help me cope with the craving. So today I have craved a Domino's pizza, and an ice cream sundae, which made me crave Cold Stone.

Ok the same infomercial is on channel 2 and 4. Lame.

So back to the cravings...I really want some diet Coke. Here is what I think about diet Coke. I am not addicted to it, I just like the feeling of holding a can in my hand. I am thinking about replacing it with light minute maid lemonade that comes in a can, for the sake of my diet. Plus all that carbon and caffeine is not good for me anyways. I also craved brownies and chocolate chip cookies when I saw them on my TV show....with a tall glass of milk. YUM!

Well, I guess I should try that sleeping thing now!


Friday, March 27, 2009

20 in 8

Ok so I have decided that it's time to get serious about losing some weight. I decided to set a goal for myself and blog about my weight loss to hold myself more responsible, and stay motivated. So the goal is to lose 20 lbs in 8 weeks...let's just say that's where I'm starting. So if my blog gets really boring because I talk about everything I ate that day...I'm really sorry I will try to blog about better stuff too.

Current weight: 198.2
Current goal: 20 in 8

How am I gonna do it? I'm going to follow the Weight Watchers outline, but I'm not going to go to the meetings...and I also will be going to the gym 3 days a week at least to do an aerobics/weight training.

So wish me luck and keep me motivated and accountable!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sleeping Patterns

I read somewhere that infants sleeping patterns are very erratic for the first couple months of life. Phoebe fits perfectly into this category. When we first brought her home from the hospital, I couldn't sleep because every single sound that she made I had to get up and check to make sure she was ok, and then when she wasn't making any sound I had to go and check her just to make sure that she was breathing. So about the first two days, I didn't sleep at all because I was being a psycho. On some nights, Phoebe gets up every two hours to feed. Other nights, she sleeps an hour here and a few hours there. As of late, Phoebe fusses from about 8-9 o'clock to 12-1 o'clock, then she passes out until 3-4 am and wants to eat. I can usually get her to go back to sleep until about 6-7 am then she eats again. It takes her a little longer to calm down at this time, most of the time she will at least fall back asleep until 8 am. She is in and out of naps throughout the day, usually asleep from 1 pm to 4 pm for her long stretch.

Ok so you are reading this, and if you were me you would be saying "ok Justine, this is pretty boring. No one cares about your baby's sleeping habits." However, I do have a point. First things first though. I have to say that I love my child so much. More than I ever thought I could love something or someone. Ok so the point: THIS SLEEPING PATTERN OR LACK THEREOF DRIVES ME INSANE!!! I guess that pretty much says it all.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Being a New Mom

Being a new mom is quite the experience!

I definently didn't understand how much time and energy it takes to take care of our little one. I mean... I knew that it was going to be hard, but I wasn't expecting it to be THIS hard. She needs constant attention, and most of the time she just wants comfort. Not because she needs feeding or changing. No she is like her momma and she just wants some love!

Ok the whole thing with changing diapers is funny. One of the first times that I changed her, she thought it would be funny to pee all over everything right while I was replacing the diaper. She also likes to soil her newly replaced diapers. I change the dirty ones and then seconds later...anyways. Also, I have changed so many diapers that it takes me only seconds. Mackenze on the other hand is very careful...that means that it takes him two minutes. He has to fold over the dirty parts of the wipes in perfect squares, use the hand sanitizer before and after, and I'm pretty sure he has some sort of phobia with the diaper genie. No...I take that back. I think he has a whole diaper-phobia. Same thing with the toilet. Is there a name for that??? Fecal Phobia? Waste Phobia?? Ok well I might be embellishing this a little. I'm very grateful that he at least changes them and helps me out. He is a great daddy. And Phoebe always settles down better with him than with me. I think that it's because he has so much more patience then I do. I give up too easily.

Here are some more pictures!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Labor and Delivery

I'm so happy!

It is so wonderful to be a new mother...ok well I can't say that it's completely does have it's ups and downs.

But it is so completely wonderful to not be pregnant anymore! Yes! No more sickness and no more heartburn!

So I guess I will start with the labor, in the words of Adrian's what happened:

It was about 11:00 pm and I started getting the small contractions I was used to getting so I didn't think too much about it. It started to worry me when they had been going on for fifteen minutes so I started to time them and they got stronger and longer. At this time I still didn't think that the baby was coming, I thought that it was just another fake out. However, around 12:00 things started to really get going, and I started hurting pretty bad, and I let those pains go on for about another half hour until I couldn't take the pain anymore. Ok so where was Mack during all this you ask? He was in bed asleep of course, as anyone would be doing at this time of night! So I walk in our bedroom and I loudly tell Mack to get up and we are going to the hospital. He didn't freak out at all. He was really calm and collected, and was like ok let's do this. Which was a really great attitude to take because I was really out of it. By the time we were checking in with the lady at the desk I felt horrible.

Ok so we get all checked in, and the first thing I do when we get in the room is change into the gown and then they strapped me in. I was hooked to the wall for the next 11 hours. They put these belt type things on to monitor the contractions and the baby's heartbeat. Then they checked me and I was dilated to five centimeters. Then there was that whole IV thing. Ok so the nurse preps me by saying...oh it usually only takes me two tries at the most...two? Yeah ok! So they try twice in my left arm...and then she goes to get the other nurse because she didn't want to try again she said the two times was her limit. So the other nurse pokes me twice in my right arm...which again was unsuccessful. So anyways...the last try they finally get it in my left hand. I had never been hooked up to an IV before that I could remember, so it was a really weird sensation when the liquid started to flow into my hand. It hurt worse then when they poked me with that huge needle. In addition to the liquids they had me on, I had to have three doses of penicillin before the baby arrived because I tested positive for a type of strep. Alright, so by this time I'm really out of it and I really need some meds. As soon as the penicillin got going they were able to get the anaesthesiologist in there and give me the epidural. I was so scared of the epidural but not because I couldn't move while he administered it, but because I thought it was going to hurt A LOT! Turns out...that hurt less then IV poking spree. Then they gave me a catheter, which probably would have been a lot more interesting if I was able to feel below my waist. It was so wonderful after that because the pain was GONE! I wasn't able to sleep...but Mack was able to get a few winks. During the whole process, I was able drink juices and have as much water as I wanted. However, drinking juice is not the equivalent to eating solid food. So I got to about eight centimeters, and my labor all of the sudden stopped. They gave me some drugs to get things moving again. Then the nurse walked in and's time to push. I felt like crying I was so happy. So we did about five pushes and they called the doctor. When the doctor came I only had to push a few more times, and my darling Phoebe was here! It was a really great feeling. All of the pressure was gone. Then they stuck her on my chest and I had a strange mixture of feelings. I had forgotten what babies look like when they come out of the womb. She was all covered in white slime, and all I could think was eww...that's kinda gross. However, at the same time I was really elated and relieved.

It was a little while before I got the feeling back in my legs. The first time I got up to go to the bathroom, the nurse was helping me and asked if I could walk and I really thought that I could but my right leg was not cooperating and I ended up on the floor. The nurse asked if I was ok. I said, Yeah I can't feel anything, and then I thought to myself...duh! That is why I fell over! The rest of my stay at the hospital was pretty great. I was able to get a little sleep, and we were able to get things in order, and bring our beautiful baby back home with us.

All in all the labor went really smooth, and I feel very grateful and blessed that there was no complications during the delivery, and our daughter was whole and healthy.

Phoebe is a normal baby. She sleeps all day and is awake a good part of the night. Thankfully I am able to get a little sleep during the day when she is sleeping. It's hard for me to get up during the night, I often fall asleep while feeding her. I wake up and she is sleeping on my chest her mouth still a little bit open. I hope that soon her days and nights will fix itself. I'm starting to get used to it.

We are so blessed to have this little one in our lives. She has brought us so much joy in the very short time that she has been here. Here are some pictures, enjoy!

Friday, February 20, 2009

She's Here!

Phoebe Samantha Harms arrived on Tuesday, February 17th, at 10:35 am. She weighed in at 7 lbs 13 oz, and measured 19.5 inches long.

Pictures will be up soon!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I am now officially OVERDUE! If you check out the little baby ticker to the right, that is actually the number of days I'm over, not the number of days left to go. Hopefully our daughter will be joining us soon! I will have lots of pictures up once she is here. We can't wait!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 random things about mack!

1. I love my truck

2. I think my wife is beautiful- no matter what she is wearing

3. I like big TVs

4. I hate Volvos

5. I listen to 103.1 at work

6. My brother and I are going to be country singers

7. My wife will not let me be a bounty hunter or rally racer

8. I kick butt at go karts

9. I hold all the Wii fitness records on my in-laws Wii

10. I'm addicted to Dragonball and Dragonball Z

11. I wish I was Vegeta

12. Baby Peach sucks- Bowser rules!

13. "Come Thou Fount" is my favorite hymn

14. I want a PlayStation 3

15. My favorite superhero is Batman

16. My second favorite superhero is Ironman

17. I am an Eagle Scout

18. I served my mission in Raleigh, NC

19. My wife says I'm a geek

20. I love "Sweet Tater Casserole"

21. My favorite sport is snowmobiling

22. I don't like heights- but only when there is a chance of falling

23. I have a dream to ride all the roller costers on the west coast

24. I have a new Dark Knight phone

25. I am a business owner

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things About ME!

1. I do not like raspberry flavored anything
2. I'm addicted to FRIENDS
3. My goldfish are alive and well
4. I like karaoke
5. I can not cook like my mom
6. I like Ellen DeGeneres
7. My green couches do not match my green carpet
8. I have a birthmark on my left leg that looks like a mouse
9. I have not worn my wedding ring for 5 months
10. I hog the blankets
11. I have accidently kicked Mack in the face
12. I have broken my leg playing volleyball
13. I have not worn make up since last Saturday and that was only because of my baby shower
14. I often do not shave my legs- and not because I'm pregnant...just because I don't need to.
15. I smell something weird
16. I have a vase painted by a very special person
17. I have never been a bridesmaid, only a bride
18. I miss my toes
19. My husband calls me sweetheart
20. I have never been skiing or snowboarding
21. I want to go on a cruise very very badly
22. I would like to have at least two children
23. I love vanilla ice cream
24. I can put a whole cupcake in my mouth
25. I like spicy scents
Just in case anyone was wondering there is no baby yet!

We hope that she will be joining us very soon!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This blog's owner is currently unmotived and useless!

Regular blogging will resume shortly.