Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This is just a tiny baby update for you all. She is like kicking the crap out of me right now! My stomach is really creepy looking because it's moving all over the place.

Also it's creepy looking because of the really dark deep purple stretch marks all over it. It kind of upsets me that my body is changing and that it can never be the same again. But I guess that is just another part of life, that most women go through anyway. Some are really lucky. And I don't think that it will really seem like that big of a deal once I see my baby, and see that it was all worth it.

I love to feel her move inside me. It makes me think that she is happy and comfortable. Although, I hope that she is not too comfortable so she will come out of me, because I would like to hold her eventually in my arms.

It's funny trying to explain to my loving adoring husband what it feels like to have the baby moving inside of me, or what certain pains feel like. He does his best to understand, but really...there is no way he can really get it.

I have been having a lot of Braxton-Hicks lately in the past week. And also a lot of nausea has decided to present itself. The Braxton-Hicks feel like menstraul cramps except I feel back pain a long with it and instead of it lasting for fifteen minutes it only last for a couple and then comes back again like 20 minutes later. Last week when I went to work, I threw up every day in the morning before 10am. One of my co-workers was kind enough to mention that the whole building shook when I puke. Great. Like I wasn't embaressed about blowing chunks already, now I have to be nervous when my stomach tries to make its way out of my mouth.

Sometimes I feel like some women think that pregnancy is not big deal. It's hard for me to understand where they are coming from because it's a really big deal to me. It has been so hard for me to deal with the way my body is changing and dealing with different pains and sicknesses. I also have a hard time dealing with my hormones. I think to myself...why am I crying about this?? and then I realize the reason I'm crying is because of my hormones and it makes me angry and cry even more because I feel like there is nothing that I can do to stop it.

Even though I complain about the hardships of my pregnancy, I'm so happy and grateful to be bringing a new life into this world, and even more estatic to have such a wonderful loving man by my side. I know Mackenze will be an awesome dad, and more importantly I know he is ready to be a father. He has been so supportive of me throughout this pregnancy, and I couldn't ask for a better person to be with.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008 was pretty exciting. We spent most of the evening at Mackenze's parents home. This is a picture of our niece Gabree, and Mackenze's Aunt Amy.

This is Mackenze playing with his other niece, Gabree's sister, Christi. The kids had a lot of fun jumping on him.

And here is Mackenze's cousin Jarron jumping on him. Jarron is Amy's son.

This is Mackenze's Grandma and his Uncle Adam. She's chowing on some very yummy turkey noodle soup.

This is Keesha Mack's sister and her hubby Richard. They are enjoying a fleece rubber ducky blanket, one of many that I made for our family. This one is for their little boy, soon to join them!

And here we are standing in the kitchen. From left to right: Christi, Chris, Gabree, Penny, Justine, Mackenze, Melissa, Richard, and Keesha. We had one great Christmas Eve!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas began early this year and the first event we attended was Aunt Sue and Uncle Bill's Christmas Party.
There was a taco theme for the food and everyone was suppose to get there at 5pm, but no one showed up until 6pm so we didn't eat until 6:30pm and let me tell you, Aunt Sue was starting to get a little uppity about it, but we don't mind we just love her anyways.
So there was about forty people there I heard, and there definently seemed like there was. We had a White Elephant gift exchange. Mack got this really cool key chain that is like a digital picture frame, and it holds 60 pictures. And the best part is that it's pink.

Oh yeah. And I got a toy security camera. I'm not sure where it went. As you can see, I'm not too broken up about it. We kindly donated some picture frames, and metal napkin rings.

These are the only two pictures I was able to get. I forgot the memory card to my camera.

That is what we named our American Coot who came to visit us.

She fell into our window well by our bedroom sometime during the huge snow storm we had a day ago. She has beedy red eyes, full black feathers, green chicken looking feet, and a white beak with a spot of black at the top.

I had to look up on the internet to figure out what kind of bird she was, and all the while I was wondering why she didn't fly south for the winter, because as far as I knew that is what all birds did. Turns out this type of bird is year-round here in Spokane, WA but they mostly keep to marshy areas. They need water to propel themselves into the air, and they are kinda like a cross between a duck and a chicken. A chuck if you will.

She began all burrowed down in the snow, probably trying to keep warm. When we would walk into the bedroom near the window she would get up and become all territorial.

Anyways, we left her there figuring that she could just fly out if she wanted to. So, I was down
stairs doing the laundry and I kept hearing a strange tapping noise. I went into the bedroom and found the bird freaking out and flying into the glass over and over again. I seriously thought that she was going to hurt herself, and I wouldn't be able to bear a dead bird in a window well...at least not one this big...if it was like one of those stupid parakeets I wouldn't mind...the world could do with a few less of those suckers.

So I got out the shovel and dug myself a little path around the house to the window well, and just sort of scooped her up with the shovel and she kinda flopped out and skidded/ flew across the snow. I let her go from there I figured she would be ok.

So now you know. I'm an American Coot rescue agent.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sorry the page has not been updated in a while. There will be a thanksgiving post coming shortly.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008 was absolutely fantastic!
We started out at Mackenze's parents home. We had a wonderful meal and a 30 lb turkey. The bird was so big that they had to buy a special pan for it, which it didn't even fit in. They had to put it in sideways and cut off the neck for it to fit. My favorite part of the whole meal was the gravy. It tasted so yummy.

From there, we went to Wal Mart and picked up some wrapping paper. At my parents house we decided to have a gift exchange because my brothers are not going to be here in Spokane for Christmas, therefore, the reason for the wrapping paper. We had dinner around five, the size of this turkey was at least half of the other, and we didn't even eat all of it! Mom sent us home with some leftovers so that was great! I just love stuffing. It was just the stove top kind but man did it hit the spot. After we ate we exchanged gifts. I love giving gifts because I love to see the look on the others faces when they get something they want.

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I can't wait until next year.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Every Sunday Mackenze and I have the opportunity to be Nursury workers. There are about 20 to 25 children in our nursury, all unique in their own way. We have the insanely shy to the ones who want to tell you everything that they ate yesterday. Even though I am left absolutely exhausted after two hours, I'm so happy to be able to have the experience of being around these children each week.

I thought that I might share just a few happenings that we have seen in the last month.

There is one girl who, I am convinced, is the definition of diva, even though she is only three. This year she was Barbie Rapunzul for Halloween and boy did I get an earful about that. Next year she is either going to be a cheerleader or Hannah Montana she hasn't decided yet. And every week she brings me the same worn out Snow White storybook, and every time she is scared of the wicked hag.

Then there is the chewer. She chews on books, toys, clothes...basically anything she can get her hands on. But, her favorite thing to chew is wax crayons. She gets it all over her face and the paper on the crayon is covered in saliva. It's quite disgusting. I just worry that she is going to choke on it so I try to keep the crayons away from her.

There are also the train boys. These boys will fight over these toy trains and try to get you to put them together and then get frusterated as you try to explain that these trains are broken. There are other toys with wheels, but every one of them has their little heart set on the broken choo choo.

Then there is Mackenze's twin. He just loves Mack. He is upset a lot of the time and he doesn't want to see anyone but Mack. He is shy. He also loves dainties. I will tell you the dainty stories another time, but for those of you who know what dainties are this kid just sucks on them like crazy. He loves the feeling.

There is also the girl who LOVES dogs. I mean LOVES. She will take the stuffed animals, puzzles, hard toys, anything that resembles a dog. She picks it up and says "Hi Doggie." She loves them so much that she throughly enjoys taking anything that looks like a dog from another child. She is really good about giving it back when asked to though because she knows that she is not suppose to do that.

All of the children love bubbles. They go absolutely psycho when Mack gets them out and starts blowing away. Those kids will run over each other just to stomp on the bubbles or catch them. So we get them all good and hyper right before their parents come to get them.

It has been such a blessing working with these kids and even though you feel like you are going crazy they still have such a sweet spirit that it's hard to be upset.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I love my Family. They are the most precious thing to me in this world. I wouldn't be the person that I am without their love and influence. I'm so grateful everyday for the great people they are.
Mom aka Cheryl- I could literally go on forever about what a great women she is, but I will just try to highlight the great stuff. When we were younger, mom was always there for us. She would pick us up from school when we were sick or bring us the homework we forgot. She did a wonderful job of teaching us wrong and right, and how to be hard workers. I remember having to do yard work and house chores that I just hated. It wasn't until much later that I realized how useful it was to me as an adult. My mom and I have very similar personalities. In fact, we are so similar that it's scary. One time, we were sitting in my grandparents living room and my dad had said something great about himself (which is typical of his nature) and my mother and I said "Oh pul-eez" at the same time in the exact same tone. I love my mother very much, and want to be more like her in many ways. She truly is a heroine.
Dad aka Michael- I'm so grateful for my father's hard working nature. He really knew and understood the importance of providing for our family. I think that he taught each of us how to be motivated through his great example. My father also is an entertainer. It was great when we were younger. He would make us laugh. I remember him telling us Goldilocks at bedtime. He would do it so animatedly. He also sang. I remember loving to hear him sing "I Heard Him Come" and some song in spanish.
Jay- My brother Jay is about two years older than I am. He was always the person who had the greatest ideas when we all were playing when we were kids. We would play ninja turtles and I would be April because she was the only girl. We would also play power rangers and I was always the pink ranger because let's face it she was the prettiest and the girliest and I was pretty much a diva. Jay and Brenn would always do the funnest stuff like playing basketball and I would get to play too but I had to be all time offense.
Brenn- My brother Brenn is a very caring and loving person. Except for the countless times he would just stare at us across the breakfast table to annoy us, or the time that he threw a log at a seagull. No, but really he has a big heart. Brenn always kept all of us children entertained and was always willing to play any weird game us girls could come up with. He will kill me for saying this but I'm not so concerned because he lives on the other side of the country...so....this one time he even played make up....he didn't put it on or anything he was just helping me. And he can deny it all he wants but I really know the truth. I love Brenn and it makes me happy to see him so happy with his beautiful wife.
Danica- Danica and I have an interesting relationship. I think that it's safe to say when we were growing up we had...moments?...several of them. The sisterly kind of course. It reminds of the relationship that Bianca and Kat have on that Ten Things I Hate About You movie. The sisters are severe opposites but despite that they still love each other. So I am betting you want to hear what some of those moments are. Well Danica had this nickname...ahem...Danica the Destroyer...and yes, it fit her well. I had just gotten my tonsils taken out, and my mom or someone had gotten me this creepy clown that you wound up and it would play music and move it's head from side to side. I loved that little guy. Anyways, I specifically told my mom that I didn't want Danica to play with it because I didn't want it to break. Anyways, she got a hold of it and it broke and I cried like the little baby I was. But I have long forgiven her of that discretion and Danica and I have definitely grown up. She has a wonderful testimony and spirit that has helped her grow into the beautiful young women she is today. She has become more considerate, and I know that she is going to be an excellent mother and wife to a very lucky man someday.
Jordyn- One word always comes to my mind when I need to describe my sister Jordyn. Sweet. Not like dude that is SA-WEEET!!! But the kind of sweet that makes your very old grandmother pinch your cheeks. I used to think that she was shy, but I think that she has grown out of that now. She is a very talented individual. Jordyn write poetry that touches my heart and makes me bawl. Though that is pretty commonplace for me these days. But really she is great.
The above is just my immediate family! There have been so many additions in the last couple years and I'm excited to share that with you too!
Mackenze- Let's face it! I could go on and on and on and on about this man so I will just let you read what I have posted previously if you want to learn more about him!
John- John is Mackenze's father or my father-in-law. He is a very hard working man and wants to do everything to make sure that his family is happy and provided for. I'm very grateful for the many kindnesses that he has shown to Mackenze and I, and that he has provided Mackenze with a job and many other talents.
Penny- Penny is Mackenze's mom or my mother-in-law. Penny is a very hospitable person. I remember after we went snowmobiling (the one time that I have gone) we were all so tired and worn out and Mack and I were crashed on the couch and she brought us an electric blanket and made sure that we were comfortable. Penny is a very sweet person. She also did a wonderful job of raising her children. I'm so happy that Mackenze has grown up in a great household and I attribute that to his Mother. Penny also home schooled her kids. I definitely admire parents who do that, because I don't think that I could take on such a task.
Katie- Katie is my brother Jay's wife. Katie is a wonderful women. I have always thought that Katie is very intelligent and smart about the choices she makes. Katie is also an awesome mother. I admire that she takes the time to enjoy watching Avery grow, and doesn't let the stress of mothering bother her.
Jess- Jess is my brother Brenn's wife. Jess is a very energetic and funny person. She keeps me laughing the entire time I am around her. Jess has a beautiful smile. I haven't had very much time to get to know Jess but I look forward to getting to know her better in the future.
Keesha- Keesha is Mackenze's sister. Keesha is very vibrant and full of energy. She also is pregnant about four weeks behind me and I'm so happy to be able to share this experience with her. She has a loving spirit, and is going to be a wonderful mother to her baby boy.
Chris- Chris is Mackenze's older brother. He just recently moved here to Spokane from the west side of the state with his two beautiful daughters and his caring wife. Although I don't know them very well yet, I look forward to the years we get to spend so close together.
I care a lot about my family, and I'm so grateful to share this life with them. I can't wait to have my own family!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today was an interesting day.

Yesterday, I went to Wal-Mart and bought three of those five dollar DVDs. When I got home, the first one that I opened didn't have the DVD in it.

So today I went back to Wal-Mart and explained the situation to a customer service employee. They told me to go and get another one and they would exchange it for me. So I went all the way back to the movie section and grabbed another one, walked all the way back up front to the customer service counter, and waited again in line to get this movie exchanged.

They employee was in the middle of the process of returning it, when she told me that the number on the video didn't match the numbers on the receipt so she couldn't return it and she couldn't do anything else for me.

I told her that it was no big deal it's only five dollars and it's just not worth all the trouble if she can't do anything about it.

It really wasn't that big of a deal but I still felt like crying. And I was so upset, by the time I got home...which was about a five minute drive...I began to feel angry because I felt like crying over something that was that stupid. Talk about complicated.

So today was interesting. And that's my little story about how it feels to be pregnant.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Being married has been a wonderful experience for both Mackenze and I. Every morning I'm so elated to wake up next to someone so wonderful.

Although we felt completely fulfilled in our marriage, we wanted something more. We started trying to get pregnant only two months after we were married. It felt like the right thing to do and we both desperately wanted a family.

I had expected to get pregnant right away. I had heard it was fairly simple for it to happen. However, after a few weeks I still had not seen that little plus sign I was awaiting. I was beginning to despair thinking that something might be wrong with me. I was trying to be patient which for me, in particular, is not the easiest thing to do.

Sometime near the end of May, I woke up one morning and decided just to try to see if I might be pregnant. I was so happy when two minutes later the test reflected a positive. I went downstairs right away to tell my loving Mackenze who was just as excited as I was.

The next couple weeks were a piece of cake. I felt completely fine. It was after those weeks, the blessed morning sickness began to debut. I'm not sure who decided to name it "morning" sickness because it should have been named "anytime of day you can think of" sickness. Not only was a puking in the mornings, but also mid-morning, early afternoon, early evening, and at 2:00 am.

That was the first trimester.
As I entered into my second trimester, I kept thinking: Ok this is going to be great! No more sickness! At least that is what the doctor and books all say...

And this is where I learn that doctors and books can be proved very wrong. It wasn't until the middle of the second trimester I was feeling better.

Now I'm just about to begin my third trimester, and I still occasionally feel sick. And I can't believe how often I eat! I have to eat at least six times a day, but I can't ever eat a full meal. It drives me crazy. And the trips to the bathroom are even worse. Sometimes I think that I live there, with as often as I go. My least favorite is stumbling up the stairs in the middle of the night. I'm always afraid I'm going to hit my head on the low part of the ceiling on the stairs, or my leg on the sharp corner of the bed. The list of possibilities of how Justine can hurt herself is virtually endless. I wasn't born with a whole lot of grace...add pregnancy and sleep deprevation....well....no explanation is needed.

Speaking of my clumsiness....

When Mackenze and I were dating, one night we decided to watch a movie at his parents house. His mom had made these amazing coconut brownie things....and naturally I ate five of them because we are sweet deprived at my parents house. So we popped in the Other Side of Heaven DVD, but apparently I had all this excess energy from the brownies so I decided to show Mack some of my wicked awesome cheer leading moves, and also how fast I could run around the coffee table. In the process of all my jumping I some how landed on one of my weak ankles. The popping sound it made was NOT pleasant. Then I started crying but I don't know if it was because it hurt so bad or if I was embarrassed...probably a mixture of both. I knew right away that it wasn't broken, but Mackenze was really worried because it was super purple and swollen. He called my mom and she told him to take me to the hospital just to make sure that it wasn't really broken.

My mom said that when the hot male nurse strolled me away in the wheelchair Mack didn't look too thrilled.

Turns out it was just a bad sprain. But, at least Mackenze had a little taste of what it's going to be like to take care of a stumbling idiot of a wife.

Thankfully, we haven't had any other unplanned trips to the hospital...knock on wood...I desperately hope that our children turn out more like their father.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

February 2nd, 2008 is the day my life became complete.

Our wedding ceremony was beautiful. I was crying so much. It was so wonderful to see my family and many friends there at our sealing. I was elated.

Of course, it was my wedding day so everything didn't go completely smoothly. My darling husband had been living on the couch for the past week, and not because he's a potato, but he was sick. Thankfully, by the time the big day came, he was well enough to enjoy it.

And then there was the pictures. It was so cold out we could all see our breath. By the time we got done with our family pictures and it was time for Mackenze and I, he barely got our a couple of good pictures before he started feeling sick again.

All in all, it didn't matter if everything or nothing went wrong. I was so happy I absolutely did not care about what was happening. I was estatic to be Mrs. Mackenze Harms.

The reception was...long. We had fun, but we were definitely ready to start the honeymoon.

We did most all of the traditional stuff. We did the bride and groom dance, the mother son dance, daddy daughter dance, we tossed the boquet, cut the cake, and stood in line for what seemed like forever. I kept the top tier of the wedding cake, and we plan to use it on our first wedding anniversery.

And my favorite part was that we had a theme. Four leaf clovers. Mackenze gained a nickname on his mission, Lucky Harms. It was perfect for us. The centerpieces were different sizes of vases filled with water and clear green and white rocks at the bottom. I wanted some sort of light in them though, and my mom found some green LED lights from a bar website that worked perfectly. Over the water and around the vases, we sprikled little plastic clovers. The cake was three tier, with white buttercream frosting, and little fondont kelly green and light green clovers. My boquet and his bootineer had white lillies, white roses, tiny light green mums, and of course, clovers!
Only one word comes to mind when I think of our photographer. Remarkable. Hans has extraordinary talent with the camera, for being so young. The pictures came out excellently.

My greatest of thanks goes out to my mother who put all my ideas into action when I couldn't, and helped me remember the things that I didn't. I love you so much, and I can only hope to be the mother you are to me.
We spent that night in Idaho at a resort named Stoneridge. The snow was piled up ten feet high to the side of the road. Everything was covered in a beautiful sheet of white. It was breathtaking.

One day later we were back to real life. And it still seems so surreal. I love my husband with all my heart and I will for the rest of eternity. Not just because he gives the world's best foot rubs. My husband is the single most caring and kindest man on this earth. I am proud to be his wife.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Your typical cheerleader doesn't date your typical geek.

I guess that makes our relationship...untypical?

When I first told Mack I wanted to be his girlfriend I guess that I expected a little more excitement. But he just sat there on my parents couch, all calm. Then he tried to tell me that he would need a week to think about it.
HUH?! What the heck does he need a week for? He has been following me around like a lost puppy for the better part of seven months, and he needs time to think????
I wasn't having any of that.

"Why? Is that how you really feel?" I had pretty much expected this to be smooth, and him to be elated. Not with his forehead creasing in contemplation!

"Let's say I had a date this weekend. Would you let me go on it if you were my girlfriend?"

Ok, so I hadn't thought about that. Yes, I would let him keep his date that he already had planned. Mack is so kind-hearted that it literally kills him to be mean to someone. Of course, I would be freaking out the whole time. That is just how I am.
So I told him how I felt and that I would be near hysterics when he went, and he said that as long as he kept his promise to this other girl, we could be together.

Being with Mackenze made me more happy than I had ever been in my whole life. I didn't know what it felt like to be treated well by a man until I met him. All of the sudden, the man that I had always wanted and dreamed of was with me.

The next four weeks were absolutely wonderful. Every waking moment we spent with each other.

On Christmas Eve 2007, Mackenze proposed to me in my parents family room. I had just woken up from a nap, and tired Justine can be very cranky if she doesn't have enough sleep. His whole family and my whole family were in the living room and he said that he wanted to read a poem to me.

"Ok lets go out to the family room." I had just woken up and I didn't want to be around all these people.

"I wanted to do it out here."
"No, lets go to the family room."

"Ok." Mackenze is not one to push things more than once so I thought that was kinda odd that he almost insisted we stay there. I was so tired, I probably would have gave into him, but then had an attitude the whole time.

So we went out to the family room and he began to read me the poem. It was so sweet. We were sitting on the couch and I was enjoying hearing all these great things about me, we all of the sudden at the end of the poem he gets up and gets down on his knees.

It was then I realized what was happening and guilt swept over me in all forms. I understood now why he had wanted to be in front of the family. So they could all see and hear too. My heart sped up, and every little sound that was in the room muted itself, all I could hear was the words he was saying.

"Will you marry me?"

I think my yes was slightly inaudible. I was in complete shock. I usually know when big things like this are coming. How did he keep this from me??

Afterwards, we proceeeded out back to the living room and told everyone the news. Everyone was happy, and my Aunt was crying. Which started to make me cry, of course. Partly still in shock, but mostly in happiness.

Sometimes when I look back I think that I was in some sort of teen flick where two complete opposites fall in love. But what Mackenze and I have is something way better than a movie or book could ever depict.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Hi Mack."

Daddy is the word that I probably thought after that. And who wouldn't with a tall, dark, and handsome man staring at you.

"Hi Justine."

This is most likely what he actually said.

"So, I was wondering if I could have your number, some of us girls don't have it and we'd like to invite you to things... and stuff."

That's right. I asked him. That is what started it all. I tried not to smile too widely as I watched his eyes bug further out of his head. I found out later he was absolutely terrified that a girl was talking to him. His gorgeous brown eyes looked slightly nervous as he gave me his number.

After church began, I wondered why I didn't pay more attention to him while we were in high school. I don't remember him looking so handsome. He must have lost at least thirty pounds. In fact, I thought that he wore these thick lensed glasses all the time, which it turns out that he didn't. I didn't even remember that he was the seminary president. I only found this out after I was looking through his yearbook and reading the comment that I wrote in it. Yeah, he had definitely changed in someway, even if I couldn't put my finger on it.

Ok so you get it now right? Mack is hott.

Despite this, I still found myself reluctant to actually date him. I guess I thought him...what's the word...geeky. Although I think that the words stalker and goober were the words I used to describe him to others.

Don't get me wrong. Mack definitely had his moments where I sat wondering to myself why I didn't take the plunge. For instance, he calls me up asking me if I wanted a ride to some activity we were having. Sure I said, I'm at my parent's and I need a ride anyways. So he comes to the door.

"You ready?"

We stepped out from the porch, and there it was. Just sitting in the driveway, trying to blend in with the mediocre surroundings, but surely not succeeding.
"Is this your car?"

"It's my mom's."

So we get in the gleaming pale blue, two seat er, Z-3 BMW, with its top down.
"Hang on. My mom has to see this."

I dialed the number quickly and tell her to look out the window. She was just as impressed as I was. I think to myself...this is one way to get my attention.

After the activity, we spent a good part of the night driving everywhere in Spokane. The weather was cooperating perfectly. The warm wind hit my face, making me feel more alive than ever. I don't really remember a whole lot about what we talked about in the beginning, but the conversation eventually led to my past life, and his family. I don't know why I did, but I shared some deep feelings that I wouldn't normally, with an almost stranger. I guess I was trying to gauge his reaction, deep down I really wanted to know what he thought of me.

In turn, he shared his secrets with me. It was then and there our friendship began.

For the next six months, we hung out together regularly. We saw each other at FHE and singles dances, sat with each other at munch and mingle...you know when I would get over myself and I didn't think that I was too cool for him...

And then my life did a flip-flop. I had lost my job. They fired me. It wasn't fair. I'm not the type of person who gets fired. I'm not lazy, I'm very punctual, and I'm a quick learner. It is still beyond me why I ever lost that job. It had to have been one of the most trying days I had at the time. And you know what sweet Mackenze did? He left a white carnation and a Wal-Mart gift card, labled for ice cream on my doorstep. I knew it was him because he is the only person I know who writes in cursive. I called him and he even tried to pretend like it wasn't him. It was funny.

So, it put me in a tough spot. I had to move into my parents house and start job hunting. During that time Mackenze and I got to know each other even more. He would come over to my house and we would sit down in my room (I know...I couldn't imagine why my parents let me have a boy in my room...but hey...I wasn't about to say anything) watch movies and then he would rub my feet.

Oh...My...Gosh. Mackenze would be the foot-rubbing god if there was one. I don't know what it was, but pieces of my heart were quietly stolen from those foot-rubs. And because Mackenze was the best at foot-rubs (and also wonderfully sexy) he got some special treatment too. Let's just say he has nice lips.

Even then, I still couldn't convince myself to be his girlfriend. Maybe I wasn't ready. I can't exactly explain my hesitation. But I believe that it was meant to be that way. It wasn't the right time.

When I finally realized that what I had been looking for was right smack in front of my face for the past seven months, I was actually very surprised. I didn't expect it. I wanted to be with him.

And I was going to make it happen.